Hi! I am Kat Black

Originating from Oklahoma, my passion for innovation and beauty in the hair industry pulled me to Los Angeles where I continued my education at PAUL MITCHELL. I furthered my knowledge by working with power styling couple Abe Barron and Melissa Jaqua at The Workshop salon in beautiful San Diego for five years before moving on to be independent. Simply put...I LOVE HAIR. I always have and I have no doubts in my mind that I always will. I love the never-ending growth and possibility that comes with this industry. 


Why weddings?

If I can explain it in this way…There's a moment when I put the finishing touches on a bride's hair and I turn her around to see herself in the mirror. A smile sneaks across her face, her eyes glisten and amidst the chaos and planning of the wedding, she starts to see what her day is all about. A stunning and beautiful bride about to walk down the aisle and marry her love & best friend. THAT moment is why I love weddings.
It's an honor to ensure that your inner beauty is reflected on the outside as the day and memories that will last a lifetime are captured.

Looking forward to helping your day be perfect!


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